The Latest Research (podcast!)

We had Dr Carolyn Taylor, MD from Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle, WA scheduled to give this presentation about the most up-to-date research in MS for our March 2020 meeting. However, with the spread of CORVID-19 virus and following recommendations from the CDC and the National MS Society, we chose to cancel the meeting, with an abundance of caution. Dr Taylor feared she had been exposed to the virus through her own medical practice in Seattle and did not want to risk exposing us. As group leaders, we realized that three other groups use the public meeting room before us on the day of our meeting and we didn’t quite feel up to the task of a pre-meeting clean and disinfect of the room. It was a tough call though.

Again, many many many thanks to Dr Taylor for sharing her time, flexibility, and expertise with us. And on the upside, I taught myself how to make a podcast! Hopefully the first of many.

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