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Monthly Focus Group

in Bellingham, WA

We are now an affiliated member of
MS Focus’s Independent Support Group Network.

The Mission of MS Focus:
[The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is to provide programs and support services to those persons affected by MS that help them maintain their health, safety, self-sufficiency, and personal well-being; and to heighten public awareness of multiple sclerosis in order to elicit financial support for MS Focus’s programs for MS Focus’s programs and services and promote understanding for those diagnosed with the disease.]

At MS My Way, our meetings are for anyone living with multiple sclerosis, and their caregivers and family members. Come tell your story. Each month, we discuss a different topic or strategy regarding life with ms. When the conversation is ripe, we publish a blog post about it, so that the conversation can become a public resource.
Sometimes we throw a party.

Every Second Sunday
Community Meeting Room
@ Coop Bakery Cafe

405 E Holly St, Bellingham, WA 98225

(This calendar includes ALL ms-related events in the greater Bellingham area)

2020 Calendar:

Jan 12 – Looking forward, taking stock.

Feb 9 – GUEST SPEAKER: On The Latest Research
Dr Caroline Taylor, from Swedish Neurology in Seattle.
Dr Taylor will give a talk about the latest research, and answer individual questions in open discussion. 

March 8 – Diets for MS
Which ones help the most, recipe sharing, food-prep, meal-planning. Potluck! Paleo, KETO, Swank and Wahls, distilling the best parts.

April 4th (Sat) – MS Walk
Join our “MS My Way” team or form your own with friends and family!
9am at Zuanich Park in Bellingham
Official Registration [link]

April 12 – (Easter Sunday, no meeting)

May 10 – Mothers Day 
(no meeting)

June 14 – Using Mindfulness to Manage Symptoms
Every day it seems like there is new evidence about the link between wellness and mindfulness. Chronic disease is often linked with dis-regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, singing, breath work, art making, and time in nature are nourishing for anyone but they can also help our dis-regulating nervous systems start to function better.

July 12 – Caregiver Picnic 
Gratitude picnic for our family and caregivers! As a way to celebrate and recognize the physical care and emotional labor that family members and helpers provide to us.
Picnic lunch and outdoor games.
(LOCATION – tba)

August 9 – Invisible Illness
MS can often feel like an invisible illness. Many of the symptoms are cognitive, and subtle. How do we identify our needs around an invisible illness? How do we ask for and receive appropriate support? Come share your stories and strategies of living with an invisible illness.

Sept 13 – Pursuing Your Passions
Hobbies, social life, and professional goals : being our best selves in spite of illness. 

October 11 – Connecting with Larger Organizations & Resources
GUEST SPEAKER: Nicole Nida, Programs Manager at the National MS Society, will give a presentation of programs and resources available from the National MS Society locally and around the world.

November 8 – Tending our Relationships
How do we maintain equitable and mutually supportive relationships with our caretakers?

December 13 – Wrapping Up the Year
Recap and reflections of the past year.
What works, what doesn’t work, and what did we learn?

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